Monthly Workout Routine and Nutrition Monthly Update – May 2018

easy cool yoga pose

I have been receiving many emails and DMs inquiring about my workout routine and eating regime. So, I’m really excited to introduce a new post that will be coming out every beginning of a new month, the Monthly Workout Routine, and Nutrition Update! If you ever want to know what it is that I do for my results, I will be posting my exact workout routine, eating habits, and monthly goals so that you always know exactly what I’m doing! I super excited about these posts because not only do I think it will be a great help for you, but also for me! I change up my routine constantly so I like documenting my journey so when I look back I know exactly what I did to get to where I am. It’s also going to (hopefully) keep me accountable to smash my goals because I will also be posting a Monthly Review post at the end of each month where I will write about what I liked or disliked in my regime that month and which goals I smashed and which  didn’t go so well (hopefully not to many). This month is staying relatively similar to last month except that I am seriously (more or less lol) tracking my macros and am incorporating a lot more cardio.

My Workout Routine:

Sunday (leg day) :

Start the week off the right way by killing your booty! Instead of using other people’s workouts like I did in April, I am going to do my own workout routines. So far I found the best results making my own routine instead of following another because I can adjust according to which exercises I feel the most activation and burn in and according to how busy my gym is! Basically, I start with squats because a big goal of mine is to improve my squat technique and weight, 2 more compound exercises, and then 2-3 glue focused exercises. No worries if this was confusing, I’m going to make a detailed post on how to structure your own leg days! I also try to end with 8 min of sprints.

Monday (triceps, shoulders, abs, and cardio:

Calisthenics are very important to me so on this day I like to start with doing 3 sets of 10 bar dips ( it took me soo long to get my first dip so I will make a How to Get Your First Dip video on Instagram @worldmywayy soon  ) then I follow that with 20-30 min of shoulder work and will end with a 10 min ab circuit and HIIT on for about 15 min.

Tuesday (Cardio and Powerflow/ Skills) :

At this point, it isn’t even half of the week yet my whole body is already aching to form the workouts from the previous days. So on Tuesday I just do cardio (either Stairmaster for 30 min) or treadmill for about 45 min. This isn’t very intense cardio, it does get me pretty sweaty but I’m mainly doing it to increase my endurance. After the cardio, I am going to do about 30 min of Powerflow and working on ninja skills! Basically, I call intense yoga Powerflow. I work mainly on inversions and all the cool yoga poses you may have seen instead actually stretching and doing slow yoga movements. I also work on some skills (as I like to call them) such as ninja jumps and kipups. I also like to jump rope for a bit, not for the cardio aspect but to work on some fancy footwork for agility and more endurance.

Wednesday (Leg day):

I do another leg session following a similar format as I do on Sunday.

Thursday (FUN day):

lip class at a parkour gym where we learn how to do back and front flips. It is a killer back and ab workout and I’m learning how to do a super cool ninja move at the same time so what’s not to love?

Friday (Push and Pull):

Last month I achieved a major goal of mine… I did a full pullup! So on this day, I am specifically going to do a lot of work on pull-up progressions and then some other favorite back exercise to maintain this strength and increase the number of pullups I can do. Then I do a pushup circuit (video coming soon on insta) that I am doing to build up the strength to do explosive pushups. End with a 10 min ab circuit and 15 minutes of HIIT.*

*It may seem like I’m doing HIIT too often, but I don’t have enough time to do it every day that I mentioned it in my schedule. Realistically I only have enough time to do it 2 times a week


Today should be a rest day but if I have time I am going to go for a jog around my neighborhood or do some yoga at home:)


In April, I started easing myself back into clean eating. And while my sweet tooth is still getting the better of me every so often, I’m pretty proud of my diet as of late. For the last week, I have been tracking my macros pretty accurately and it reminded me just how awesome tracking is. Honestly, I haven’t lost any weight but I don’t feel as bloated as I used to and I’m very guilty of overeating so tracking macros helps me determine how much food I actually need vs. how much I want to eat because it tastes good!

Monthly Goals (same as last month):

  • Land my first front flip on the ground
  • Actually running on the days I put cardio in instead of finding some dumb excuse like I usually do.
  • Increasing my dip strength to 3 sets of 12
  • Doing 3 pull-ups from a dead hang

Also wanted to let you know that I have signed up with CanFit Pro to get my Personal Training Specialist certification! So excited to be able to actually work with clients and help others achieve health, wellness, and their dream bodies 🙂

Comment your goals for May!

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Gym Essentials | What I Have in My Gym Bag

Gym Essentials

Today I wanted to share my gym essentials. These are the items that I keep in my gym bag and never take out! There aren’t many because I don’t want my bag to be too heavy but these few items are truly essentials and I recommend you get them!

Pictured (Gym Essentials) :

  • Resistance Bands
    • Necessary for leg day to do activation exercises and great for working out on the go (check out my Instagram: @worldmywayy for workout videos)
  • Deodorant and body spray
    • These two items are obviously necessary for personal hygiene. I recommend you use a aluminum-free deodorant before working out and anybody mist-spray after working out (Pro tip: Never put perfume on before your workout because it gets an extremely stinky smell when combined with sweat).
  • Water Bottle
  • Affordable Wireless Headphones
    • For the longest time I thought wireless headphone were dumb and unnecessary but I was so wrong! The main reason I hadn’t purchased them earlier was because I thought that all the good ones were extremely expensive but then my friend recommended these from Amazon and they literally changed my life. Those are the exact ones that I use and they’re comfy, don’t fall out of my ears, aren’t heavy, I only charge them once every two weeks, and were very cheap! You never know what you’re missing until you experience it, and now that I see how much easier it is to workout with wireless headphones, I am never going back!
  • Ankle Strap
    • I highly recommend doing cable kickbacks on your leg/booty day as they are great for shaping the glutes. Some gyms provide them but most do not. My gym didn’t have an ankle strap attachment for the cable machine so I purchased this one from Amazon


Other useful products not pictured above:

  • Dry Shampoo
  • Compact Towel
    • Personally, I don’t use one but many do. Although, I do carry this towel that shrinks and enlargens for just in case because it is so compact.
  • Baby Wipes
    • This is my favourite way to freshen up after the gym if I don’t have time to take a shower and I’m not going home right away.
  • Pull-up resistance bands
    • The easiest way to get your first pullup is by using resistance bands, so I really recommend you get one.
  • Barbell Pad
    • Once again, some gyms may have a barbell bad but mine doesn’t so I’ve just been using mats in between myself and the barbell. It is so much easier doing hip thrusts when you have the barbell pad so if you have space in your gym bag, this is also definitely an essential.
  • Weighted Speed Skipping Rope

There are affiliate links used (to Amazon because I like cheap good quality things and that’s where I get all my things 🙂 So I would really appreciate if you use my links if you would like to purchase any of these items so that I can continue making free content for you!


That concludes my list of what I always have in my gymbag!

Comment, what are your gym essentials?

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Cuba, Cayo Coco Memories Flamenco Photo Diary

If you follow my Instagram, @worldmywayy, you probably know that I was recently on a trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba. It was one of the best vacations I ever had, and I’m pretty sure that it’s because it was a girls trip!  Five of my close friends and I booked this vacation to get away from our busy lives and soak up the sun that we really need here in Toronto! We stayed at the Memories Flamenco Resort, the resort was beautiful, staff was nice, and the beach was breathtaking. The water was crystal clear, and the sand stretched wide and long with enough places for everyone on the resort to have and beach umbrella and chairs. The only downfall was that the room wasn’t very clean and the food wasn’t that great.. but then again most of my time was spent at the beach so that didn’t bother me too much. Although, I must say, my favorite place was probably the omelet bar, where I went every single morning and got my omelet from an extremely joyful chef that loved to sing while cooking, starting my morning with good vibes, positivity, and eggs!

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the trip and give you guys a taste of some upcoming pictures and content coming up! I also filmed some workout videos, so make sure to follow and bookmark this blog and check back soon!


easy cool yoga pose how to stick to a workout routine     How to be an efficient person

This is just the beginning of my Cuba pictures, get ready for more beautiful scenery, fun times, and sun 🙂

Also, Happy Easter to anyone celebrating, enjoy the holiday where you can eat as much chocolate as you want- guilt free 😉

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HIIT vs LISS – which is better for fat loss?

Unless if you’re someone who truly loves running, you are probably only looking to do cardio because you either need to for your weight loss goals or you know that it is amazing for your cardiovascular health. So today I’m going to compare and give examples of each exercise so that you can figure out whether HIIT or LISS is better for your goals! HIIT and LISS are 2 of my favorite cardio methods but there are also other types of cardio such as circuits and plyometrics which I will discuss in upcoming posts, so make sure to follow to not miss out (I will be giving some full workout ideas)!

LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State):

LISS is exactly what it sounds like, it is a form of cardio that is a very low intensity and you do it for a longer period of time. LISS is also an amazing way to burn

action, activity, adults
Make LISS more fun by taking a bike ride with a friend! During LISS you can chat and lose weight at the same time 🙂

fat specifically without losing muscle. When you jog for a long time or run for a long time, your body turns to muscle for energy once it depletes your other energy stores, and therefore reducing your muscle mass. LISS, on the other hand, can actually help the body become conditioned over time to use fat as a fuel source. It is also a great way to begin cardio if you are a beginner as it is low impact and not harmful to your joints or ligaments.


LISS is done in longer periods (45min plus) and is done by choosing an activity you like (eg. walking, biking, stairs) and doing it at a pace that you can maintain for an hour. Here is the best way for me to explain the intensity you should be doing LISS at. Imagine you are walking for your LISS session, walk at the pace that you would walk at if you were late for a meeting and are in a hurry. While LISS is low intensity, it is still exercise, so keep in mind you aren’t just going for a stroll in the park!

LISS is a great lazy-girl or beginner form of working out but for optimal results should be paired with other activity, more on that below! So the takeaway for LISS is that it is a great way to lose weight (and fat!) while exerting the least amount of energy possible.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training):

Basically, HIIT is a form of interval training where you do numerous repeated maximal effort exercises with a rest period in-between. Lately, HIIT training has been getting a lot of attention because it can rev up your metabolism for up to 48 hours after your workout, is a great fat burner, and is very quick so it is easy to be fit into your schedule.Typically, HIIT sessions are around 20 min or less and can be done anywhere as you can do it with just your bodyweight. My two favorite ways of doing HIIT training is either doing treadmill sprints or circuits. I plan to make a PDF of my favorite HIIT workouts coming soon but for the moment click here for my favorite HIIT workouts. Basically, the way these workouts work is you perform an exercise at your max effort (Note: this is extremely important! For this short amount of time you have to give it your 100%) for a short amount of time eg.30 sec and then you take a small rest (eg. 30 sec) and then repeat this cycle several more times.

athlete, body, cinder track
You can tell this woman is about to go all out and give it her max effort. This is the sort of pained and determined expression you should have when doing HIIT!

During a 20 min HIIT session, you won’t actually burn as many calories as if you were to do a 60 min jog because it doesn’t last as long but HIIT is still amazing for creating a caloric deficit because of the afterburn effect it has. When you are exercising at your maximal effort, you deplete your oxygen stores. Your body then has to work overtime (sometimes even up to 24 hrs after your workout) to restore those oxygen stores and that is why you continue to burn calories even after your workout.

The Verdict:

If you are trying to maximize weight loss and therefore your calorie deficit, you ideally want to run as much as possible without overworking yourself. So while HIIT may seem like your best option because it is so quick and efficient, you can’t do it several days in a row because you will overwork yourself because of the extreme intensity (if you do it correctly) which is very bad for your overall health and weight loss goals.

So, if you are only on a cardio workout routine (not lifting and going to the gym at the same time), to maximize weight loss you can do HIIT 3x a week with LISS 3x in between the days you do HIIT (Do NOT do HIIT several days in a row) and leave one day as an active rest day or do another LISS session. Although to really maximize weight loss, I strongly suggest doing a lifting program as well. As it will add shape and tone to your body and burn more calories daily because muscles burn more calories than fat. Unfortunately, incorporating a running routine with a full lifting routine is a bit harder so I will have a whole different post up for that!

Hope you found this useful and don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions or post requests!

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How to set a S.M.A.R.T Goal

Ask yourself, is your goal smart? Do you know what it is specifically or how you will achieve it? One of my favorite quotes is, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail”. Using the S.M.A.R.T method for goal setting is an amazing way to provide structure to your goal so that you can achieve it efficiently!

I first came across S.M.A.R.T goals in my physical education class. We used it to set a specific goal where we outlined exactly how we will achieve that goal. This is the power of the S.M.A.R.T goal, it is very structured so it will help you identify exactly what you want to accomplish and will guide you to achieve your specific goal. While using the  S.M.A.R.T method to reach your goals is great for fitness related goals, you can actually use it for anything! I’m going to walk you through what a S.M.A.R.T  goal is, how to make one yourself, and how to stick to it!

S. Specific

The first step in setting a goal using the S.M.A.R.T method is to know exactly what your goal is. Many times, if your goal is too vague or broad it will either be too easy or too hard to accomplish. The more specific your goal is, the higher chance you have of achieving it. To identify and describe your goal, think of some of the Ws. Such as who, what, where, and why. If other people are involved in your goal, outline specifically who you need in order to reach your goal. You obviously need to explain what your goal is, so make sure to write that down ( remember the more specific the better)! Where is not always necessary but if it ties into your goal (eg. moving houses) make sure to include exactly where, in which location, you want to achieve your goal. And lastly, ask yourself why you are doing this. What will keep you motivated to keep pursuing this goal even when it gets difficult? This is very important to write as it is a vital part of seeing your S.M.A.R.T goal through from beginning to end.

M. Measurable

This may be the most important step in goal setting yet it is often overlooked. I’m very guilty of this, for example when I’m starting a new workout routine or diet regime, I’m too lazy to get a before and after pic so afterward have no idea if I actually see any improvements. So, in order to be able to evaluate if or when you have reached your goal, you need to be able to measure it. And I’m talking numbers! Set an exact dollar amount if it is a monetary related goal or lbs. kgs, and inches if it is a weight-loss goal. You may be inclined to skip this step, but trust me, the happiness you feel once you know you achieved your goal is worth it. 🙂


This is when you have to get realistic about your goals and really hash out the nitty-gritty specifics. Firstly assess if your goal is attainable, do you have the right skills, tools, or even motivation that is needed. If it is not, what can you do to make it attainable? Do you have to learn a new skill? Attain some new equipment? Have a new mindset? Make sure the goal is reasonable for you. Whatever you need to to do to make your goal attainable, make sure you write it down in this section and complete those things so that you have nothing stopping you from reaching your goal.


Think, is your goal relevant to you? Does it fit in with the grander scheme of things you are trying to achieve? Is it relevant to your business? SOmethime’s you may really want to achieve something but it isn’t actually that relevant and your time could be put towards more productive things.


Lastly, you have to set a deadline for your goal. Without having a set deadline for your goal, you won’t be as motivated to achieve it because you won’t have a fear of failing because you can always just think you’ll do it in the future. You need a set time to motivate you to actually take action right now.


Below, I attached an amazing graphic that I found on Pinterest that summarizes everything I have talked about above and gives examples, so make sure to check that out or pin it! Image result for smart goal example

I really hope you guys will see the power of having such a structured and therefore achievable goal!

Comment below what your goal is at the moment!

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Free Running Program for Beginners | Run 5k in 9 Weeks!

running on the beach

One summer I set a goal for myself to run 5km. Basically, I set this goal because all my friends loved running but I, on the other hand, found it very boring and would be out of breath in a minute. I knew my endurance was horrible and everyone else seemed to love running, so I figured setting a goal to run 5km by the end of summer ( a 2-month goal) would be very beneficial.

I knew that I needed a structured plan to reach my goal. For running (especially if you hate it), it is necessary to have a running program designed to reach your goal at a specific time because otherwise, you won’t run as often or for as long as it is necessary for your goal. I didn’t know much about running or how to create my own running plan. I also knew that I needed something to keep me on track and motivate me to actually run.

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How to Stick to a Workout Routine Part 2

how to stick to a workout routine

I remember how hard it was for me to stick to a workout routine when I first started out, it took me three years of forcing my myself to go (semi consistently) until it finally became a routine for to go 5x/week. Here are 4 more tips for staying consistent and crushing your gym goals!  This is the second part of How to Stick to a Workout Routine, so make sure to check out the first part here to learn about the other 4 vital tips!

Like most people, I started working out because I was unhappy with how I looked and I wanted to change that. While that is a valid reason to start working out, it isn’t necessarily the best reason and by no means the only reason ( I will cover all the benefits of working out apart from a physical appearance in an upcoming post)! While I had been active for most of my life, my fitness journey and “healthy lifestyle” started around 3 years ago and only really started in September 2017 ( 6 months ago). What I mean by this is that I started going to the gym 3 years ago but I was inconsistent, a beginner, and had horrible eating habits- leading to no results.  Luckily I am a very determined person and I persevered through the first few years of forcing myself to workout and slowly started being more consistent and learning about fitness. I went from not knowing what a bench press was to be able to thoroughly discuss a wide variety of subjects, from keto diets, IIFYM to HIIT vs LISS.

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How to Stick to a Workout Routine Part 1

How to stick to a workout program to get abs like these

Like most people, I started working out because I was unhappy with how I looked and I wanted to change that. While that is a valid reason to start working out, it isn’t necessarily the best reason and by no means the only reason ( I will cover all the benefits of working out apart from a physical appearance in an upcoming post)! While I had been active for most of my life, my fitness journey and “healthy lifestyle” started around 3 years ago and only really started in September 2017 ( 6 months ago). What I mean by this is that I started going to the gym 3 years ago but I was inconsistent, a beginner, and had horrible eating habits- leading to no results.  Luckily I am a very determined person and I persevered through the first few years of forcing myself to workout and slowly started being more consistent and learning about fitness. I went from not knowing what a bench press was to be able to thoroughly discuss a wide variety of subjects, from keto diets, IIFYM to HIIT vs LISS.

I wanted to share that bit of my backstory let you know that I was also a beginner that felt lost and intimidated in a gym but if you persevere long enough, you will not only achieve the dream body you want but will develop a new passion. At the beginning of my journey, I can definitively tell you that I did not love fitness but was doing it for the sole reason of wanting to look better so sticking to a workout routine was extremely difficult! Here are 4 ways that I guarantee will help you stay on track with your training.

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Thanks to Followers!!

This is my 101 st post and I wanted to thank everyone who has been following me the past year! When I started this blog I never imagined it would reach such a wide audience and that I would get so much positive feedback. I was honestly afraid that I would get some hate mail for unknown reasons (as many bloggers do), but I didn’t! Instead I got the nicest and most positive group of followers and readers that I could possibly ask for! So I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone,  have a great time if you are on Spring Break right now! Here’s a picture of where I wish I was right now, comment where you wish you could go on vacation/ where you are vacationing!

acumal bay mexico
If only I could be back here right now!

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Winter ways to burn fat !

The following is a list of easy things you can do with your family or friends. So that you don’t feel guilty after indulging some hot cocoa with marshmallows and other fattening desserts (apple pie is one of my favorites:)!

Shoveling Snow: The chore we all hate, one of the worst things about snow but it will give you a hell of a good workout! Feel free to skip your workout if you shovel for longer than 15 min. As it is a great cardio workout but even more so, it will work every single muscle in your upper body!

Snowball fights: Running around in the snow, ducking, jumping and throwing snowballs gives you crazy calorie burn. Approximately 350 calories per hour!

Snowman building: Believe it or not this actually a great exercise! All that bending, rolling snowballs, and lifting can help you burn an extra 300 calories per hour!

Sledding: When going down a hill on your sled, you use many muscle groups such as your core to keep your balance so that you don’t fall (right away at least). Now the part that makes sledding a bit less fun; going back up the hill! Yes, that is the part we all dread when sledding, we spend 10 sec getting down the hill but five minutes getting up the hill. Unfair. But at least we can look on the bright side, going up a hill while holding and sled in the cold = lots of calorie burning! Precisely, around 240 per 30 min!

Skating: Get your skates and get your cardio on! Don’t have skates? Many ice rinks rent out skates for cheap so that everyone can skate when they like! Skating is great cardio but is also great for building glute muscles because you are constantly in a bit of a squat. It even works your core because it has to keep you balanced, so if you are especially clumsy (like me) you will burn even more calories! Always think about the bright side of things!

I hope you enjoy these ideas and remember, always think about the bright side! Even if its dark outside 😉 Also, did anyone else notice that all these activities start with the letter S?

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