Monthly Workout Routine and Nutrition Monthly Update – May 2018

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I have been receiving many emails and DMs inquiring about my workout routine and eating regime. So, I’m really excited to introduce a new post that will be coming out every beginning of a new month, the Monthly Workout Routine, and Nutrition Update! If you ever want to know what it is that I do for my results, I will be posting my exact workout routine, eating habits, and monthly goals so that you always know exactly what I’m doing! I super excited about these posts because not only do I think it will be a great help for you, but also for me! I change up my routine constantly so I like documenting my journey so when I look back I know exactly what I did to get to where I am. It’s also going to (hopefully) keep me accountable to smash my goals because I will also be posting a Monthly Review post at the end of each month where I will write about what I liked or disliked in my regime that month and which goals I smashed and which  didn’t go so well (hopefully not to many). This month is staying relatively similar to last month except that I am seriously (more or less lol) tracking my macros and am incorporating a lot more cardio.

My Workout Routine:

Sunday (leg day) :

Start the week off the right way by killing your booty! Instead of using other people’s workouts like I did in April, I am going to do my own workout routines. So far I found the best results making my own routine instead of following another because I can adjust according to which exercises I feel the most activation and burn in and according to how busy my gym is! Basically, I start with squats because a big goal of mine is to improve my squat technique and weight, 2 more compound exercises, and then 2-3 glue focused exercises. No worries if this was confusing, I’m going to make a detailed post on how to structure your own leg days! I also try to end with 8 min of sprints.

Monday (triceps, shoulders, abs, and cardio:

Calisthenics are very important to me so on this day I like to start with doing 3 sets of 10 bar dips ( it took me soo long to get my first dip so I will make a How to Get Your First Dip video on Instagram @worldmywayy soon  ) then I follow that with 20-30 min of shoulder work and will end with a 10 min ab circuit and HIIT on for about 15 min.

Tuesday (Cardio and Powerflow/ Skills) :

At this point, it isn’t even half of the week yet my whole body is already aching to form the workouts from the previous days. So on Tuesday I just do cardio (either Stairmaster for 30 min) or treadmill for about 45 min. This isn’t very intense cardio, it does get me pretty sweaty but I’m mainly doing it to increase my endurance. After the cardio, I am going to do about 30 min of Powerflow and working on ninja skills! Basically, I call intense yoga Powerflow. I work mainly on inversions and all the cool yoga poses you may have seen instead actually stretching and doing slow yoga movements. I also work on some skills (as I like to call them) such as ninja jumps and kipups. I also like to jump rope for a bit, not for the cardio aspect but to work on some fancy footwork for agility and more endurance.

Wednesday (Leg day):

I do another leg session following a similar format as I do on Sunday.

Thursday (FUN day):

lip class at a parkour gym where we learn how to do back and front flips. It is a killer back and ab workout and I’m learning how to do a super cool ninja move at the same time so what’s not to love?

Friday (Push and Pull):

Last month I achieved a major goal of mine… I did a full pullup! So on this day, I am specifically going to do a lot of work on pull-up progressions and then some other favorite back exercise to maintain this strength and increase the number of pullups I can do. Then I do a pushup circuit (video coming soon on insta) that I am doing to build up the strength to do explosive pushups. End with a 10 min ab circuit and 15 minutes of HIIT.*

*It may seem like I’m doing HIIT too often, but I don’t have enough time to do it every day that I mentioned it in my schedule. Realistically I only have enough time to do it 2 times a week


Today should be a rest day but if I have time I am going to go for a jog around my neighborhood or do some yoga at home:)


In April, I started easing myself back into clean eating. And while my sweet tooth is still getting the better of me every so often, I’m pretty proud of my diet as of late. For the last week, I have been tracking my macros pretty accurately and it reminded me just how awesome tracking is. Honestly, I haven’t lost any weight but I don’t feel as bloated as I used to and I’m very guilty of overeating so tracking macros helps me determine how much food I actually need vs. how much I want to eat because it tastes good!

Monthly Goals (same as last month):

  • Land my first front flip on the ground
  • Actually running on the days I put cardio in instead of finding some dumb excuse like I usually do.
  • Increasing my dip strength to 3 sets of 12
  • Doing 3 pull-ups from a dead hang

Also wanted to let you know that I have signed up with CanFit Pro to get my Personal Training Specialist certification! So excited to be able to actually work with clients and help others achieve health, wellness, and their dream bodies 🙂

Comment your goals for May!

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