Monthly Workout Routine and Nutrition Update April 2018

I have been recieving many emails and DMs inquiring about my workout routine and eating regime. So, I’m really excited to introduce a new post that will be coming out every beginning of a new month, the Monthly Workout Routine and Nutrition Update! If you ever want to know what it is that I do for my results, I will be posting my exact workout routine, eating habits, and monthly goals so that you always know exactly what I’m doing! I super excited about these posts because not only do I think it will be a great help for you, but also for me! I change up my routine constantly so I like documenting my journey so when I look back I know exactly what I did to get to where I am. It’s also going to (hopefully) keep me accountable to smash my goals because I will also be posting a Monthly Review post at the end of each month where I will write about what I liked or disliked in my regime that month and which goals I smashed and which  didn’t go so well (hopefully not to many).

My Workout Routine:

Some people make their workout splits according to specific days (i.e. Monday is leg day) but my schedule is too random that I cannot set a specific day for a specific workout, instead I decide on the number of workouts I want to do for the week and then do them according to what fits my schedule. This month, I want to workout 5-6x a week with 2 days rest. Basically, my plan is to train legs 2x a week, upper body 2x a week, go to a flipping/parkour class 1x a week, and a boxing class 1x a week (optional), look below for my exact sample workout and more specifics.

*I choose 2 leg workouts to do for the whole month and then track my weight to see how I progress.

Day 1: * Tammy Hembrow Leg and Glute Workout

This is definitely my most favorite glute/ leg workout ever! Many leg workouts nowadays have weird unpractical movements because they are trying to stand out from the crowd but Tammy keeps simple and combines several simple compound moves with some specific glute movements for a great burn!  I will write down her full workout below because she doesn’t 🙂 Also, I want to work on my squat strength so I changed the first move.

5×5 reps squats

3×12 hip thrusts

3×12 step ups

3×12 hamstring curls

3×12 pull throughs

3×12 back extension

3×12 cable kickbacks

Finish with 8 min of sprints (30 sec on 30 sec off). I only do this sometimes when I have enough time but it is a great way to finish the workout!

Day 2: Upper body day 1 ( Triceps, Shoulders, and abs) Calisthenics are very important to me so on this day I like to start with doing 3 sets of 10 bar dips ( it took me soo long to get my first dip so I will make a How to Get Your First Dip video on instagram @worldmywayy soon  ) then I follow that with 20-30 min of shoulder work and will end with either abs (specifiaclly leg raises and flag practise) or some type of cardio depending on how I feel that day.

Day 3: Boxing class on Wednesday! I love it, it’s such an amazing and fun cardio strengthening workout. Great for those people like me who get bored running.

Day 4: Flip class on Thursday or Tuesday. It’s at a parkour gym where we learn how to do back and front flips. It is a killer back and ab workout and I’m learning how to do a super cool ninja move at the same time so what’s not to love?

Day 5: Whitney Simmons leg and glute workout.

I love Whitney’s workouts mainly because when she does supersets, she stays in the same place with the same equipment and doesn’t make you have to go from one end of the gym to another which is basically impossible to do if you have a busy gym.

This is the link to the workout, the full workout is written in the description.

Day 6: The second upper body day

This is a push and pull day (mainly focusing on back and skills). The pull part means that I am going to be a doing a lot of exercises where you pull towards you, so I am specifically going to do a lot of work on pull-up progressions and then some other favorite back exercise. Then I do a pushup circuit (video coming soon on insta) that I am doing to build up the strength to do explosive pushups. Then I will end with either running or abs.

That ends my workout routine, lets move on to food!


In March, I ate horribly! My eating was on point, I just did a cleanse and was tracking macros until I went on vacation and then it just went downhill from there. So in April, I plan to ease myself back into healthy eating by being really mindful when I eat. Asking questions such as: Do I really need this? How is this helping my body? and How will this make me feel after?  I am also starting to very loosely track macros again. Basically, I am just making sure that I get enough protein and that most of the fats I eat are healthy.

Monthly Goals:

  • Land my first front flip on the ground
  • Actually running on the days I put cardio in instead of finding some dumb excuse like I usually do.
  • Increasing my dip strength to 3 sets of 12
  • Doing 3 pull-ups from a dead hang


So that wraps up this month’s UPDATE! I hope you all enjoyed this and look for my upcoming post that reviews how this month went.

Comment your April goals!

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  1. Getting more pull-ups are a goal of mine too! My best recently was 18 in a row and I’m hoping to get to 20 soon. Love your site, very cool and informative.

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